Stage 7: Port Victoria to Moonta (66km) 6am start, 23hr cut off, Saturday the 26th August.

This is it. A day that will likely be quite the blur of emotions, and yet you will remember it for the rest of your life.

After 6 gruelling days, you will take off from Port Victoria Hotel at 6am, for the very final stage of Sink or Survive. If you have made it this far and get through the stage, you will be a survivor!!!

Yes, there will be beaches and dunes. It’s hardly surprising really, given this whole event has been around a coastline .

But, this will be the most beautiful coastline for your eyes yet because it is drawing you closer and closer to that finish line.

You will pass your way through Balgowan, “The Gap’ and Port Hughes before the Moonta Bay jetty will pop up on the horizon.

You just know we are going to make you run out to the end of the jetty but don’t stress too much as from here on in until the finish, your entire crew/relay team can join you. Run out and back on the jetty and head North East again and only 100 metres away will be the bell signifying the terminus of the Walk The Yorke Trail. You MUST ring this to celebrate what you have achieved thus far, but alas, there are just a few more kilometres to go as you follow our pink flagging (only additional flagging on the whole course) to the new finish line at Queen Square in Moonta. Here you can cross the finish line and celebrate the magic of the 7 days just travellled.

You’ve done it. 500 kilometres of harsh, yet beautiful coastline and an adventure that will last a lifetime.

Download Stage 7 GPX File here – Updated 17/08/22