Stage 5: Gleeson’s Landing to Hardwicke Bay – (67.0k) 6am start, 23hr cut off, Thursday 24th August.

Stage 5 continues on from where stage 4 leaves off (funny that). Crew will drive their runners back to the start line from Corny Point for the 6am kick off.

The magical scenery continues along a most stunning coastline of limestone cliffs, beautiful coves and stunning beaches. You’ll venture past Corny Point Lighthouse before turning Eastward with North facing beaches. If you hit the low tide when you reach Flaherty Beach, just after Point Turton, you will be greeted with a beach that is 100’s of meters wide, potentially up to 1/5 a kilometre!! They even used to make up a golf course along this beach for an annual charity day with the really low tides!!!!

Nature is bloody amazing and this stretch is no exception.

Although runners will finish the stage at the Hardwicke Bay hall, the base camp for this stage is actually a short 20 minute drive to Watsacowie Brewery in Minlaton, where the town’s accommodation facilities are plentiful.

Download Stage 5 GPX here – Updated 17/08/22