Stage 4: Marion Bay to Gleeson’s Landing (61.0k) Wednesday 23rd August – 23hr cut off.

When you run this stage, all will be forgiven for the hard slog that was the stage before. You will no longer say Fu*k You SK, but I love you SK!

Stage 4 takes you through some of the most stunning coastline, flora and fauna that is Innes National Park. Shipwrecks litter the rugged coastline along here and if you keep your eyes peeled, you will see 1 or 2 of them along the beaches.

Yes there is a fair amount of beach running again in this section, but you will come across a few protected coves and the views will make it such a delight to run on. This section was undeniably a major highlight of my recent visit to the course and it will be one for you too!

Crews take note that you will need to pay for a park entry here and you will need to double back out of the park as it is a no through road. Allow a good 50-60k back track to get to Gym Beach checkpoint/relay changeover from the previous changeover.

Download Stage 4 GPX here – Updated 17/08/22