Stage 3: Edithburgh to Marion Bay (95k). Tuesday 22nd August, 23hr cut off.

I’m not going to lie to you, this will be the hardest slog of a day on the course. Don’t get me wrong, it will be absolutely stunning along the coastline. You will start off by running alongside the giant turbines of the wind farm, passing the lighthouse at Troubridge Point and embracing the spectacular views of Kangaroo Island, but you will be introduced to the South coast of Yorke and you’ll be head on likely into a nice Westerly. There is undeniably countless beach sections on this day but you’ll just have to embrace it. Embrace it and fall in love with the sheer beauty and untouched nature that is the South coast shoreline of the Yorke Peninsula. Do this, and you will come to enjoy this stage that will test you like none before.

Complete this stage within the cut off, and you’ll go a long way to conquering the SOS. This stage will show yourselves what you are really made of and I for one, can’t wait to witness you all come through the other side pushing deeper than most of you have before. It is for stages like this, that I love what I do. I will be there at the stage finish line ready to embrace every single one of you for this one!

Download Stage 3 GPX here – Updated 17/08/22