Stage 2: Ardrossan – Edithburgh (98k), Monday 21st August, 6am. 23 hour cut off.

This stage will give you your first real look at some beach running, but only in a few short segments. A lot of the course through here is on gravel and asphalt paths that connect several coastal villages to each other. If the weather is clear, you will see Mount Lofty and Adelaide over the gulf.

You will be focussed on hitting the giant solos of Port Giles that will be ever present on the horizon and home to the 2nd of 3 deep water ports on the peninsula. Once you get past the silos, you’ll see Edithburgh off in the distance shadowed by the giant wind turbines. But you’ll need to run through Coobowie first.

You’ll actually run through 8 communities before you hit Edithburgh including Port Vincent and Stansbury. Your crew will love these towns as they are full of character and charm and beautiful buildings.

Edithburgh itself is home to about 500 residents and SA’s only tidal pool! We are working on having the finish line in the grounds of the historic museum in the main street which will be fitting with the history this beautiful little town oozes.

Download Stage 2 GPX here – Updated 17/08/22